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ABOUT US is owned and operated by P.E.Hardy, located in Oakland Park Florida. Both and P.E.Hardy, was founded by Phillip E. Hardy Jr., President and CEO and U.S. Navy Veteran. is an online(internet) website providing a free searchable listing of bars and clubs in South Florida and nationally over time; offering deals and discounts from our sponsors and advertisers to registered members at no charge; and value added membership levelsClubops Logo available for a fee. was designed to be streamlined for faster and more accurate retrieval of listings based on user search criteria. Users can rest assured that the category and location of a bar or club is exactly what will be returned in the results. Each bar/club listing has the name, address, phone number, rating, category, and map link, allowing users to quickly find their hot spot. is intuitive, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes. No retina burning white space piercing weary eyes. The layout is simple and focuses on the information users are looking for.

We are always working to improve the users experience and we welcome feedback. Have a look around, read Rants & Raves, find a new favorite bar or club, become a member and enjoy Deals & Discounts, or take a moment to comment on your bar/club experience and submit a Rant or Rave., Find Your Hot Spot™.


The Spark: circa 1998.

Imagine a time before Facebook™ or even Myspace™ when AOL™ was still king of the internet, Yahoo™ was hot, Google™ was incubating, and chat rooms and ICQ were the dominant forms of social media communication. Picture me, a single man and U.S. Navy Veteran just arriving to South Florida from Maryland and looking to find a local hot spot to meet people and socialize. The primary source for finding bars and clubs back in 1998 was the local newspapers. Ugh, the listings were sparse with no ratings or reviews to help choose the best bar or club. Not to mention the fact that I never knew if a bar or club was still in business until I was standing in front of an “out of business” sign at 11:00 at night. After looking to the internet for bar and club listings and finding none to speak of, the idea for was born.

The Flame

That was back in September 1998 almost two years before the dot com bubble burst. Launching a website was all the rage with investors pouring millions into the startups. For me, it was a time of exploration, adventure, and entrepreneurial pursuits. It was a time of opportunity to create a website with chat rooms, news feeds, with bar and club listings for Florida, my new found home. The only problem, besides my anemic bank account, was my limited knowledge and experience in website design. Undaunted, I tackled my new business venture at full speed using only WYSIWYG software programs like Microsoft Frontpage™ and NetObjects Fusion™ and having no HTML skills.

The Flame-out

In 2000, after building a crude but functional website and creating marketing materials to promote my site, I took my great idea to the Small Business Bureau to get professional business advice and guidance to launch my new business. My big idea was crushed with the news of the dot com crash. The advisor suggested I find a new business venture. And so the dream died.

Re-ignition: September 2011

While attending Broward College for Graphic Design, a group project was needed for class and came back to life. Along with three other students, went through a redesign. The new logo, color scheme, banner ads, and basic website layout were created along with a new found entrepreneurial spirit. Plans were made to relaunch The dream was alive!

Pre-launch: February 2015

After attending Broward College for three years and getting an Associate in Science Degree in both Graphic Design and Marketing Management, it was time to take another shot at launching

Beginning in February 2015, armed with new graphic design and marketing skills, I hunkered down to learn the programming needed to build a fully functional website where users can search for bars and clubs without all the clutter and distractions that make similar sites confusing and frustrating.

Launch: August 2015 is my pride and joy. An entrepreneurial venture 15 years in the making. We launched on August 1st, 2015. We are taking off at full blast, providing users with free access to up-to-date listings of bars and clubs in South Florida, the chance to Rant or Rave about a bar or club, and Member Only benefits found only at Join me in my quest to help you “Find Your Hot Spot™.