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Terms and Conditions

This program is absolutely FREE to Bar & Club Sponsors!
Sponsors participating in the Deals & Discounts program agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth below.

DEALS & DISCOUNTS COUPONS (click here to see sample coupon)

  1. Coupons are made available through for Members only and are located on the Deals & Discounts web page as a downloadable and printable pdf document.

  2. Special “Get Coupon” buttons will be programed with the Sponsors business name, address, phone number and the deal or discount authorized by the Sponsor.

  3. Coupons can be presented as either color or black and white printed coupons on plain white or colored paper.

  4. Printed coupons must be complete and contain the following information:

    - The Clubops logo in the center with the background city scape silhouette across the full length of the coupon.
    - The Deal or Discount must be printed on the Left side of the Clubops logo and include associated restrictions printed below the offer.
    - The Sponsors business name, address, and phone number must be printed on the right side of the Clubops logo.
    - The printed Barcode and Clubops Member Name must appear below the Sponsors information.

  5. Coupons are valid for only (1) use per Member per visit to Sponsor location.

  6. Coupons do not expire until redeemed.

  7. All Coupons are subject to the restrictions of participating Sponsor.

  8. Deals & Discounts Coupons have NO CASH VALUE.


  1. No Charge to participate. Just remember that Clubops Members are looking for Value, so please make your offer worthwhile.

  2. Participating Sponsors agree to honor and redeem printed coupons presented by Clubops Members for the Deal or Discount offered and approved by the Sponsor.

  3. Sponsor acknowledges that the Clubops Members name must appear on the printed coupon below the associated barcode. Any incomplete or fraudulent coupons* shall not be accepted.

  4. Sponsor agrees to clearly state any additional restrictions at the time the coupon is redeemed.

  5. Sponsor shall not redeem more than (2) Deals & Discounts Coupons from any single Clubops Members each month.

  6. Any coupons redeemed in excess of (2) per Clubops Member shall not be honored for Advertising Credits.

  7. The Sponsor has sole discretion to determine the authenticity of any Deals & Discounts coupon presented and has the right to refuse to redeem any coupon suspected to be fraudulent.


  1. Sponsors shall receive a $5 dollar Advertising Credit for each Deals & Discount Coupon redeemed and submitted to P.E.Hardy

  2. Sponsors may submit up to a maximum of $100 per month (20 coupons) of redeemed coupons towards the purchase of advertising on

  3. The Sponsor must submit the redeemed coupons to Clubops LLC to receive Advertising Credits.

    - Mail coupons to: Clubops LLC, 1608 NE 34th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334.

  4. Coupons have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash back.

  5. Sponsors may apply the Advertising Credits toward new or additional advertising only.

  6. Advertising Credits cannot be applied for credit on existing advertising contracts.

* Fraudulent Coupons include any coupon that is incomplete, missing required information, barcode,  Clubops logo, business name, address or phone number.

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