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Anonymous ratings are not trustworthy. If you are confident that your rating of a bar or club is genuine and others need to know, than become a Clubops member and submit your Rant or Rave.

"Reviews are so...PC. Tell it like it is with a Rant or Rave!"
- PEHardy

RANT: Nightmare? Rant about it!
To be fair, first impressions do not always prove to be the true nature of a bar or club. Before you submit your Rant, try giving the bar or club another chance. If you have already submitted a Rant but your second visit is much better, it is too late. No take backs. The damage is done. However, if your experience was a nightmare, by all means warn others.

RAVE: Great time? Rave about it!
Was your experience brag worthy? Rave about your experience and let everyone know about a great bar or club. But remember, if a future experience turns out bad, you cannot update your Rave.

Do you have a favorite hometown bar or club that is not listed? You can list any bar or club from any city and state as long as you have the bar or club information (subject to Terms of Use).

"As a Clubops Member, you can add a new bar or club to our listing along with your Rant or Rave."


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